Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting started

The WordPress Theme Directory is used by millions of WordPress users all over the world. Themes in the directory are available for download from WordPress.org, and WordPress users can also install them directly from their administration screens.

By hosting your theme on WordPress.org, you’ll get:

  • Statistika broja preuzimanja vaše teme
  • Korisnička mišljenja na forumima
  • Ocjene, kako biste vidjeli što korisnici misle o vašoj temi

The goal of the Theme Directory isn’t to host every theme in the world, it’s to host the best open source WordPress themes around. Teme smještene na WordPress.org drže se istih korisničkih sloboda kao i WordPress; ovo znači da su 100% GPL ili kompatibilne.

Guidelines & resources

To ensure that WordPress users are guaranteed a good experience, every theme in the directory is reviewed by the Themes team. Your theme will have the best chance of being approved if you:

For more theme development resources, check out the Theme Developer Handbook. For specific questions, please use the Themes and Templates forum.